Building for Khiladis

IdentifyingSporting Talent of India

Illustration of a track athelete whose sporting activity is being measured

For Players

Complete sports profile

All your training & game performance data in a single place. Build following, show off, get noticed.

Two volleyball players playing against each other

AI powered coaching

Disrupting sports coaching at all levels bringing the power of AI to aspiring sportsmen.

Two kids playing football

Sponsorships and stipends

Get exclusive sponsors to gather support for your dream from stipends, equipment, to coaching fee.

A child being offered a signing by a coach

Scouting opportunities

Exclusive network of scouts across various Indian and global sports leagues always looking for talent.

Two coaches scouting for talent

Power of supervision

WatchingYour Sporting Activity

An illustration of a watchful eye

Fitness coach

Using visual AI and generative AI to augment all fitness routines

Skill improvement

Improving skill and technique by analysing body posture realtime

Verified evaluations

Automatic evaluations on multiple parameters for athletes of all ages

For Coaches

Manage your complete squad

Get your complete squad in one place and manage their fitness, training, and nutrition routines in one place. Get alerts on players needing attention and modify the routines directly from the app.

A rugby squad in a huddle

Monitor player's progress

Get professional metrics realtime on all your players and track their progress over time. Become a tech & data enabled coach for the future generation of athletes.

A coach explaining game tactics to his team

Search for the fittest squads

India's LargestSports Fitness Challenge

A female athelete stretching while her sporting metrics are being measured

01. Register

Register with your squad to participate in exclusive fitness challenges

02. Compete

Compete against other squads of the same age group within your region

03. Win Prizes

Prizes for both coaches and players on a weekly, monthly, quartetrly basis

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For Parents

Track your kids performance realtime

Get updates on how your kids are progressing on different athletic metrics. Pin point areas to focus on.

A screen with a child's sporting metrics

Get personalised nutrition plans

Get professional nutrition support for your kids personalised to DNA, sporting & fitness goals, workload, and allergies.

A picture of a healthy meal